Best Photo Editor Apps in 2019

Best Photo Editor Apps in 2019

Hello, Friends! Welcome to my our post. Mahim khan is here to tell About Some Best Photo Editor Apps in 2019. So In this time A lot of Photo editor application in Playstore. But some editing application is not working properly. That’s why I bring a new blog-post about best photo editor apps that will help you to edit your photos cool in this present time. You can edit photos in computer or mac, but at this present time you have a smartphone, and you edit Your Photos in Android phone.
Everyone wants to popular & they upload their photos on Instagram, Facebook, etc. But if you Don’t edit those pictures properly, then you will not get likes so Edit properly.

Here the List of Best Photo Editor Apps for android 2019
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 Picsart(best photo editor app)

Picsart is one of the best application for android mobile. This application is free for everyone, and you can download it from play store just you have to search Picsart in the box, and you will get the first one.
Then you have to click on install then this app will be start download, and then after download, you have to open picsart & then you can see some features. There some features are not available in free but without picsart Premium version You can Edit Photos easily. So let’s know about the next Application.

Lightroom(photo editor apps)

Lightroom is one of the best and easy to use an app for Android. This lightroom application is also for Computer users has name is lightroom cc. This app you can edit any pictures in one click so if you want to edit photos in one click,
Lso you have to download some preset for lightroom then you have to import the presets in Lightroom and then open the presets and just click on three left bottom and then you have to copy the sittings & then you have to paste the sitting on the picture you want to edit and then you can see the effects on photos. So if you want to download this adobe lightroom photoshop application, then It’s also available in Playstore.

Faceapp(best funny photo editor app)

Faceapp is one of the trending Photo editor apps for Android. This app also has some cool feature, but some features are not available in the free version then if you want to use the premium version you can purchase the premium version from this app.
 Using this faceapp, you edit your in just one click & you can make you Old and also Young with the application. This Faceapp is now trending on Facebook and Instagram. So if you want to see how you look in old then try this app, you can use it in free also so tray also this application.


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