How to download copyright free images from Google? 2021

if you are a blogger or you tuber and you need to know how to download images from google but you don’t know how then you come to the right place because today I will share some best websites you can use for free images. also I will share why you should not use copyright images. let’s start our article on this topic.

How to download copyright free images from Google

The disadvantage of the use of Copyright images

if you are a new blogger and you using images from google for your article then you are going to face a big problem in your website. When you will understand that time will be too late. when you apply for your AdSense then you will see a lot of errors are getting from Adsense.

You can never catch the first position in the ranking. When you will do your best and every time you will see your rankings under 100. Every time try to give your own images and if you don’t have your own images then you can try some websites that will give you the licenses to use this to your website.

if you use other website’s images directly then they can give you a DMCA strike on your website and Google will automatically remove your link from google. Always use Commercial Use images.

creative commons license rules are you can use these images for free until the owner give you the rights. so I tell you that when you use these types of images that time always read the terms of the owner.

Commercial Use rules are that you can use their images for any type of business work.

a lot of terms are available on the internet you should need to think before using the image, read their rules then you can use your royalty-free image.

Best websites for royalty-free images

here are the best sites that I think these sites are best but a lot of websites are available on the internet. if you think that these are not good then I will try to change them.


Pexels is the best website where you can download the images and you can use it in your own way. if you want to download images then you can download any images without any account, just complete the captcha and download its HD quality. if you create a free account then you don’t need to complete any type of captcha direct download.


Pixabay is also the same website where you can download any images for free and use it on your business without any copyright. these images have also come with a Creative Commons CC0 license. So you can use this and modify it and make it your own images.


Unsplash is also the best free image downloader website where you can use the images for free without any doubts. in this website have also some best feature that you will get a link and where you set it you will see a lot of images are coming in one place, you can set your keyword like category. has a large selection of high-resolution images and you will get new images daily. This website has 60 million images are available you can try any image from here without any copyright restrictions issues and use it on your businesses.


I hope your online journey get successful in 2021. if this article helpful for you then must share this with your friends who also don’t about these rules. as you know if you know SEO then you know how Google is getting strict on this and how they are seen every problem on our website.

Mahim Khan

The Founder of Viral fact BD, a leading author & web designer specializing in Html, Php, SEO & Blogging analysis.

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