How to Get Featured Snippet founder box in blogger

Hello Guys, Welcome back to our new viralfactbd post. So today I am going to tell how to get a Featured snippet founder box in blogger. If you are a blooger & you using then you come to right place.

o I hope this post will helpful for for you. So Let’s start this article.

What is Featured Snippet in Google?

Founder box in blogger

Featured snippet is give a professional looking box and includes the main title and a some description, are shows in the top of google search position.

Some types of articles are have high page authority and proper sitemap interrogation, are mostly get this feature in google.

But some of articles are get this professional looking featured by google like Founder box, some company information, popular people information, professional tools, and many more other things.

Benefits of Founder Box in Google Search

There are many benefits of get this cool featured snippet founder box in google search. So this feature will give your site a professional look to founder of that particular site. Also visitor will easy to know who is the founder of this website.

So in additional, this makes a good value of the website and the author for future guest post in the future. And also it gives a good domain value of a site.

How to Get Founder Box

So if you want this feature in blogger then you need to do this things in blogger. So lets start it.

  • First you have to create a about us page, and then you have to write this things.
  • Your Name is Founder & CEO of . He is a Blogger & Youtuber also Social Influencer Who Works on His Website.
  • And then you need to write about yourself and then write about your website and Project
  • Then Submit the url in the Google search console.

And wait 1 – 2 days then check on google search. I sure you will get the founder box featured snippet in blogger successfully.


So I hope you get the full information and tricks about how to get founder box in blogger. If this post is helpful for you then share with your friends and help your friends to get this founder google snippet.

Thanks for taking out the time.

Mahim Khan

The Founder of Viral fact BD, a leading author & web designer specializing in Html, Php, SEO & Blogging analysis.

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