Finally Starting That Youtube Channel? Keep These 6 Points In Mind.

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After a lot of deliberations, time-consuming plans, and ideas, you have finally decided to go down the YouTube road! That is a great decision to make, and a courageous one too. But, as a beginner, you might have a lot of questions and doubts that might hinder your process.

Tips to keep in mind before starting a Youtube channel

So, here are a few things you need to keep in mind before starting your channel. Following these tips will ensure that you are on the right path, and after that, all you need is a creative approach and strong content to make your journey unforgettable.

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1. Numbers are not everything.

When starting a YouTube channel, it might be natural for you to feel anxious considering the fact that you have just started out. You might want to keep on checking your views, comments, likes, and subscribers every minute of the day. It is especially difficult not to rely on numbers during the initial stages of your  channel’s growth.

But, it is very important to realize that numbers do not mean everything. You might not get a lot of views as per what you expected, but that does not mean that your content is not good. It just hasn’t found its audience yet, and that definitely takes time.

So, do keep an eye on numbers but do not get discouraged or over-confident due to them. At the start, you need to establish a good base for your channel, which can happen only with the help of content, so focus on that.

2. Start with the basics

YouTube channels, too, require a certain amount of investment in terms of money and time. Especially when it comes to time, it has to be taken out so that you can focus on your core work and decide how you want to make your channel better.

When it comes to financial investments, these can be substantially decreased, especially in your early stages. Most people invest in high-grade cameras, microphones, sound equipment, and editing softwares. Established channels have their own team of editors as well.

But, when you are just starting off, simple equipment like a regular camera or mobile phone can do the job. You can even save costs on editing by taking up the task on your own and using a free online video editor. Do this at the start, see how it goes, and then consider making larger investments.

3. Research

This has to be one of the key elements to keep in mind before starting a channel. Research doesn’t just involve information regarding the content.

For e.g., if you have a cooking channel, you might think that looking up different ingredients and recipes will do the trick. You can accordingly mix and match and make recipes of your own.

But we propose you to go one step further and even try out researching other technicalities of your channel.

Who are the people watching your content? What are the kind of recipes they are looking for?

What type of equipment is best to shoot the type of content you produce? How frequently should you upload videos?

Answering these questions involves market research, which might sound daunting but is actually pretty easy to do in its basic stages. Just look up some stuff online and see how you can interact with your viewers and curate your channel accordingly.

4. Negative feedback is part of the process.

We have already established that starting out as a beginner can be a stressful process. You constantly want to know what your audience thinks of your work and are impatiently waiting to receive feedback.

While there might be a lot of people to support you and uplift you, keep in mind that you might get negative feedback. And it is important to always accept criticism with open arms if it is also constructive. Obviously, you cannot get everything right in your first try, and there are some people willing to help you out with that.

And when it comes to hate comments that do not have any underlying tips or constructive ideas, you just have to learn to ignore them. Most people even choose to block these people. Different creators deal with hate in different manners; you have to see what works best for you.

5. Authenticity is vital

A creator, no matter how established, how famous and well settled, is always worrying about creating better, different, and relatable content. This is always going to be one of the most challenging parts of your channel.

But, in the guise of creating better and improved content, do not get carried away and start doing work that is considered unethical. Some people delve into plagiarism, copying content, putting up misleading videos, and so on.

Even though you might think this will help you increase numbers and gain popularity, we assure you that this fame will be short-lived. You owe your viewers a certain level of accountability as well. To make your channel stand the stead of time and be sustainable throughout, make sure your content is always genuine and authentic.

6. Consistency is key

In this whole process, it is advised to make a few decisions beforehand so that you can start a well-planned channel. One of those decisions is to decide how frequently you will upload videos. The time could be of your own convenience.

Most beginning creators upload videos twice a week to manage engagement throughout the week. You can do the same. It also depends on your content.

If it requires a lot of research or post-production, you can upload it once a week or once in two weeks. But whatever you decide, make sure you stick to it and not fall behind in uploading videos.

This will increase the level of trust that your audience has in you and make you easier to rely on. Be consistent and stay true to your commitments.


It can be difficult to start a channel, but it is important to know that even though it can take time, all you need to do is be patient and you will see the progress for yourself. It might take time to kick-start promotions, but if your content is up to the mark, you will do well for sure.

Always be on the lookout for tools and features online that make your job easier like analytics, video editors, and invitation maker online free printable that will make your job easier and help you focus more on content.

So, what are you waiting for? Start working on your channel today without any delays!

Mahim Khan

The Founder of Viral fact BD, a leading author & web designer specializing in Html, Php, SEO & Blogging analysis.

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