How to Delete Telegram Account Permanently 2021

Today we are going to discuss how to delete a Telegram Account Permanently from Android and PC. So I think this article will be helpful for you. Telegram is going most popular and increase users day by day. If you also created a telegram account and you don’t need this account anymore, you want to delete this account permanently but unlucky that Telegram wasn’t created and instantly delete my account on apps.

How to Delete Telegram Account Permanently 2021

So today I will give you a solution to how to delete a telegram account but you can’t back any data from your deleted account and you Won’t be able to access the account anymore. If you agree to this then keep reading this article.

How to Use Telegram’s Self-Destruct

When you create an account they set the default that they Will delete your account if you are inactive for 6 months. Also, you can customize this sitting from telegram and you can set this to a minimum of 1 month to a full year. So this will be the best option for you if you Don’t want to use telegram then set it to 1 month if you want to back in 1 month just log in to your account.

Self-destruct for Android

First Open your Telegram app on your mobile device. Then just click on the menu button with the icon. It will be in the top-left corner of your screen.

Then click on Settings. Then click on Privacy & Security and scroll down until you find the session option.

Then just choose to Delete My Account If Away For.

Pick an inactivity duration that you would be like.

Once you selected then done no need to save anything now you can leave the telegram account and they will automatically permanently delete the account that time you add in sitting. Unfortunately, you can’t temporarily disable your account so just leave your accounts inactive.

How to Delete Telegram Account via Web

So let’s say that you cannot wait for a month until the account should self-destruct. If you want to delete the profile as soon as possible, Telegram requires you to access them on the website. This is because the delete tool isn’t present on apps.

Here’s how to delete a Telegram account permanently via website:

Open your browser on pc and go to from any browser

Now just Enter the phone number that you use to create your Telegram. Now add the number in international format.

Then when they accepted your number and then you will receive a confirmation code Through a message. Now just enter the code to the Field that they provide on the website and click on the Sign-in button.

Now just Click Delete Account.

They Will ask why you want to delete your telegram account and you can submit your reason why you want to delete or you can just leave it blank and just choose it done. When you click on the yes button they will give you the last warning popup. Now just click on Yes and successfully deleted your account.

Now your account no longer usable. You cant get any chat groups or files. If you want an account on that number then you need to create a new account and enjoy it.

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