How to watch YouTube Deleted videos 2021

Guys today I will give you a full tutorial about how to watch youtube deleted videos easily. I hope this article will be the best solution for your problem.

Before we go to the tutorial let’s talk about youtube. At this time you will see a lot of videos are uploading day by day and a lot of videos are also removing from youtube because of the violation.
But you need that deleted video then don’t worry today’s article will be the solution for you. let’s start this article.

How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos

How to watch Youtube deleted videos

So I will guide you step by step to get back your video. then you just need to follow these steps and you will see the result. You will see a lot of videos, tutorials on google but you don’t need to watch anyone just follow these steps i hope this will work for you. because it works for me in 2



Step 1:- Go to Youtube and find your deleted video link from their channel playlist and copy the link and paste it on your notepad.

Step 2:- Now you need to go to this website and you will get a waybackmachine on this website this is the most important thing for you.


Step 3:- Paste the link that you copied on your notepad on the search box and see the history of your link and you will get the video.


So I think you get your video and must tell this method is work for you or not. also, this method will not work for private or unlisted videos. that video should be public on Youtube for some time.
I think you got the method and don’t forget to give feedback for this article. thanks for taking out some time to read our articles.

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