Top 5 offline games For android 2019


Top 5 offline games For android 2019

Top 5 offline games for android 2019

Hello, friends, Welcome to our blog post. In this article, we are talking about Top 5 offline games For a smartphone in 2019.
Sometimes we are boring to using an android phone, that time these games will help you to time pass with your smartphone. So then let’s know about it.

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1 Neon Shadow (best action games)

Neon Shadow is one of the best action game I ever have seen & this games is also an adventure game. In this Neon shadow game, you have a gun to fight aliens in a space ship. Then you will get some levels & then you have to complete it.
This Neon shadow is offline, and this game will help you to pass some time.

2 Asphalt nitro (best Racing game)

Asphalt Nitro is the best racing game, and this is also an offline & the game is only in 35MB available in Play store.
Asphalt nitro is officially launched by Gameloft company & most popular game. Asphalt nitro game will provide you cool cars in the game & you can see a lot of levels in the game, Some levels you can play in online. If you want to download then search in the Play store, then get the match & enjoy it.

3 N.O.V.A legacy ( best action game)


N.O.V.A Legacy is a best gun fighting game in offline, and this game is only 27MB available in the Play store, this is also in offline. In the game, you can see a lot of guns available, but you have buy it with coin, and you have to earn coin from winning the levels in spaceships, jungle, etc.
In the game, you will see a lot of aliens using the gun you have to fight it.
So then download the game & enjoy it.

4 knife hit ( best addictive game)


Knife hit is also the most addictive game in the Play store, this game is also available offline, and you download it free. In the game, you have cut the apple in the wood with a knife & you have to unlock unique sword and powers. This knife hit game is also will help you to pass some times when you don’t have internet.

5 Vector 2 (best parkour game)


Vector two is also the best parkour game in the Play store. In the game, you have to escape from the security guard. And collect some points & unlock levels, this vector two games also offline and you can download it from play store smoothly. This game is also story-based, and if you want more point, then you can buy coins using a dollar. This game is too addictive game for children.


I hope you will be like my games list. We talk in detailed about Top 5 offline games For android 2019. I must say if you download these games play this best for you. So what kind of information do you want to know? Plz tell me on comment below & also tell us how you like these posts.
So I hope you can share my game list with your friends.

Thanks for taking out some time.

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