Top Best Tips To Promote Blog In 2021

Some common problem of new bloggers is how can we promote our blog post and get some traffic. So today I will talk about some best strategies for promoting our blog. at this time a lot of websites are available on the internet, but if we can give the best content then you can easily get a lot of traffic from anywhere.

No further discussion lets talk about our topic. So if we cant drive traffic on our website then we cant earn money through it. if we have really good content then we can get traffic from the search engine. but will take a lot of time and if you think you need traffic quickly then try these things and give some time I hope you will get the result quickly.

But one thing you should follow that if your luck not working then do Hard work, you will get success one day to assure you.

Best Tips To Promote Your Blog

Top Best Tips To Promote Blog In 2021

Now I will give you some best tips that will work in 2021. we also use these methods on our website. Must try at once our method if you don’t get any difference on your website then tell us in our comment section I will delete this post that time.

Social Marketing

when you create your website and you don’t get traffic on your website but if you share your article on social media then you will see some instant traffic on your website. So I will give you a list of social media sites you can share your link on there.

  • Facebook

Everyone knows Facebook and Facebook have 2.7 billion users monthly then think if you do some smart work then you can drive a huge amount of traffic. if we create a page and we active daily then I think it will work because at this time facebook promoting links so much.

Some Social media like Facebook

  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

We also getting traffic from our youtube channel. You can create a youtube channel it’s free and you can create based on your website Niche. When your channel will grow you will see a lot of traffic on your website but also here you will need smart work with hard work because its 2021.

Blog promotion on Quora

So if you don’t know what is quora then you must know about it because it is a question-answer website and it will drive the target audience. when I get some time I answer in quora question and some time I give my blog post link on the matched question. 

it also drives traffic on my blog post and I also get some sales through quora. Best tips for you that you must need give at least 1 hour in quora. When google seen your social media backlinks and they will push your ranking on google then you can see a lot of blog traffic on your blog.


Guys how you like our article must tell us in the comment section and if your friends have also seen the same problem then give this link to them. thanks for taking out some time to read our article.

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